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Hey folks, the time has come to hang up my hat.  Lil’Iron and I have spent the better part of two years putting this site together.  It will still exist but in a different form.

I always wanted to share my favorite recipes and make it possible for anybody to get a professional result using their backyard smoker. 

The fear of being redundant has come. 

I can only show so many ways to do chickens, ribs and pork shoulders.  The videos on this site give you all the basics and a few tips.  I do hope you will use them if you need to and pass them on to friends and family.

I have had a great time and met many good people.  I will still answer all my emails and maybe from time to time put up something new I found.

Thank you all for your input and your friendship. 

God Bless you,



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Way back in the 1800’s, Cole had an idea.  He liked his pork smoked and he liked a big bunch of it.  Trouble was,  he was always eating meat and never had any vegetables.

Things can get kid of bound up if you follow my train of thought.

One day he went out to the patch and picked a cabbage and chopped it up.  He liked carrots too, so he took one of those and whittled some shreds and added it to the mix.  Cole then got some vinagar, and a bit of sugar and went to work.  All the chores had been done and it gave him time to perfect this mixure.

One day he got it right.  He topped some smoked meat with this concoction…….and he knew he was on to something.

He used to tell his friends, you must  have this on your pork if your gonna eat at my house.  It’s the law here and we do it this way

His friends agreed!

They used to jokingly call it Cole’s Law.

As time passed by, folk’s dropped the apostrophe and put all the words together and Cole’s Law became Coleslaw

Sometime, if your ever in the deep south, you might come up on folk’s that’s had this tradition passed down over generations from old Cole himself.  They will swear that this is the way you eat barbecue and it might behoove you to give a try. 

It’s not just coleslaw, it’s Cole’s Law……… and if this ain’t the truth……. it ought to be………..

God Bless,


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