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Hey folks, the time has come to hang up my hat.  Lil’Iron and I have spent the better part of two years putting this site together.  It will still exist but in a different form.

I always wanted to share my favorite recipes and make it possible for anybody to get a professional result using their backyard smoker. 

The fear of being redundant has come. 

I can only show so many ways to do chickens, ribs and pork shoulders.  The videos on this site give you all the basics and a few tips.  I do hope you will use them if you need to and pass them on to friends and family.

I have had a great time and met many good people.  I will still answer all my emails and maybe from time to time put up something new I found.

Thank you all for your input and your friendship. 

God Bless you,



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Wow!  My buddy Dave wrote and said I was about to hit 100,000 hits.  I just can’t believe the people that have found this site useful.

I am humbled and honored that you folks have found this site to be useful and your results have been just like mine, GREAT!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In honor of this milestone I decided to do something really special.  I am shooting a video for a 25-28 pound beef arm roast.  It’s kinda like beef clod PLUS!

This will be the biggest thing I have ever done and the chargriller is bending from the weight. 

Stay tuned…………………….

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I am so excited.  The local butcher here in town is on the prowl for a 18lb beef clod. 

For those of you going huh?, it is also known as a beef shoulder.

The one I smoked a while back was great and it’s been over a year since I did one. 

On one end, it tastes like roast beef, and on the other side it tastes like steak.  How can you lose with a combination like that?

After we strap on the feedbag for the 4th, I will take the leftovers and vacuum pack’em and wait…….and wait……and then in the winter……. SHEPHERD’S PIE.

Oh my goodness…..Lil’Iron makes the best using this smoked clod.  It is kinda like the gift that keeps on giving all year.

I will have pics and a 4th of July video to boot.  You know this will be really fun because a lot of folks outside of Texas have never tasted it, or even know what it is.

If you want, do something different this 4th of July, celebrate with a Texas tradition.  Smoked Beef Clod.

Have a great weekend,


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Holy Cow!  How much more of this can I take ?  We are at 8 degrees right now with a wind chill of around 11 below….Not exactly grilling weather.  Now I know there are some hard core grillers out there..heck I am one too, but this winter has just been brutal.

I heard that we have averaged snow every 3 days since Thanksgiving.   That is a whole lot more then last year and less chances to do what I love….grilling and smoking. 

When I lived in the south I never really thought about the weather.  It was pretty much the same all the time.  HOT!   No ice, snow, bad roads or anything else that would keep you from smoking year round……    Don’t get me wrong here, I love firing up the smoker on cold days because I like the smell and the way the food taste on brisk cold days………but this?  

Winter has been a hard one in the Midwest this year.  WHEW! 

Lil’ Iron made the most gorgeous roast beef the other night, along with her signature Yorkshire puddings and sauteed green beans.  It took my mind off my troubles for a while……actually, eating the beef made me realize I had no troubles……in fact, I was damn lucky to be inside and enjoying such a spectacular meal.

Thank goodness for the wonderful female I have as my companion. 

By the way, I ended up selling the Char-Broil ( shown in the prior video) to a good friend and got myself a used Weber gasser.  The Weber was a great deal and I will be doing a video on it soon. 

Tonight I’m doing Portabella Mushrooms on the inside grill, served with a side of Alfredo noodles and a salad.  

Hopefully just a few more weeks and I can look forward to getting my rigs fired up and ready for the coming months of fun.

…you folks have a great week and I’ll see ya soon,


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Have you have always wanted to make a flank steak but didn’t know how? Well here is a step by step video on how to conquer all those tasty flank steaks.

Included are a few tips and tricks too!

You will love learning how to make this……….quick , easy and oh so YUMMY!

Once the steak has been sliced, try it in a fajita or with a baked potato.

Shoot! It’s even good cold the next day.

You can’t lose when in comes to the mighty Flank Steak.

Enjoy and God Bless.

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Hey Folks.  Here is a lil’ ol recipe I got off The barbecuebible website.  Here is the BigIron version of this recipe.

I used some homemade peppers and sausage that had been in the freezer.  I wish I had done a couple with cream cheese but you live, you learn.

Maybe next time……………..

I hope you enjoy it because it’s hard to describe just how darn good these things are…………..ENJOY!

Me and Riley

Me and Riley

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This was the first Clod I have ever tried. It turned out to be really simple and really good.

Traditionally, this would be served with sliced onions, jalapenos, cheese, pickles and avocados….don’t forget the two pieces of white bread for a Texas Style BBQ.

As for here at The BigIron, we like to serve it with some beans, cole slaw and some crusty bread.

Have a great Weekend.

God Bless

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