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Well folks this weekend we did it.

Here at the BigIron we are at awe that the site passed 100,000 hits today.  I am so proud because who would have ever thought the site would have generated this much interest from a regular guy with a Char-Griller.

In celebration and in honor of Labor day I decided to buy a big ol’ honking piece of meat….A whole Arm Roast.

This was about 26-28 pounds…..to be honest I was in shock from the price and I tore the label off before I could check it.  The butcher told me but I forgot the exact weight……but hey, this was a special occasion so price be damned.

Lil’ Iron told me once, she never saw a Brink’s truck following a hearse to the cemetery…..so with that in mind, I bought it.

I thought it would be fun to give everyone a way to see this marvelous feast.  Click on the pictures below to see the full size….then prepare to be hungry!

Here is a shot of one slice of this Arm Roast. It is served on the largest restaurant platters we own.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did.  Lil’ Iron and I sure do thank all of you for your support.

Have a great Labor Day,







and Steinway

God Bless


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Wow!  My buddy Dave wrote and said I was about to hit 100,000 hits.  I just can’t believe the people that have found this site useful.

I am humbled and honored that you folks have found this site to be useful and your results have been just like mine, GREAT!  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In honor of this milestone I decided to do something really special.  I am shooting a video for a 25-28 pound beef arm roast.  It’s kinda like beef clod PLUS!

This will be the biggest thing I have ever done and the chargriller is bending from the weight. 

Stay tuned…………………….

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I got this letter in email with some pictures and wanted to share with you folks.  Just goes to prove there is no reason not to have Pro results in your own backyard…
Here’s Proof!

Hey Big’Iron
As you know I had a graduation party for my daughter this summer and I smoked some pork shoulders for the feast.  Needless to say the shoulders was a hit from the beginning.  Everyone wanted to know how I made them and of course I told them the shoulders were done “Big’Iron” style.  Everyone looked at me in confusion and wondered what I was talking about.  I told them about your website and how you helped me with my first shoulders, then they understood what Big’Iron style was. 
Last weekend my friend was throwing his wife a 50th birthday party.  He was at my daughters party and ate the pork shoulder.  He asked me if I would bring my smoker over to his house and smoke some shoulders for their party because they knew how much everyone liked them at my daughters party.  They both are very good friends of mine, and I was glad to do it for them.
Again I smoked two 13 pound shoulders, They were on the smoker for 18 hours and rested for 5 hours.  I must say even after 5 hours of resting doing it the way you explain in your video they were still very hot to the touch and so tender and moist, they just fell apart.  The shoulders fed about 50 people, it was the only meat on the tables. 
The only thing I did different was I used a 12 pack of Budweiser instead of water in the pan,
 Your way of smoking must be contagious.  My friends nephew has a hog roast in August and he asked me if I would come to his house and smoke it for him using the same method as I done the shoulders.  I gladly accepted.  Big’Iron is getting a name here in Columbus Ohio, word gets around ! !
I included a couple of pictures of the shoulders, dont they look delicious????


Here is another from Joe

Hey there, Big Iron,

Just wanted to drop a line and see if this little message gets on through. I know what you mean about a madhouse and weather. We’ve been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest trying to get the house squared away for the coming weather, the garden has the veggies coming in gangbusters and dodging raindrops for what seems the last forty days (I do have to talk with the new neighbor Noah whats-his-name building the boat in his back yard).

Listen, I wanted to tell you, I tried your tip about putting sand in the bottom of my rig. What I did was put tin foil in the bottom of the rig, followed by a layer of beach sand. It seems to keep the temps pretty constant. I guess once the sand heats up to temp, it can’t help but keep an even radiant heat going during a smoke session. Heck, even if you oversleep your 2 1/2 hour catnap, the sand will still keep things warm for you for at least another 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. That’s quite a buffer.

The long and the short of it is, after I put the sand in, I tried a 9 pound pork butt. It smoked for almost 10 hours, and I rested it in the cooler for 3 hours. Perfection! I gave some to my mother’s pastor (a Georgia boy), and he told me if he didn’t stop bragging up this Yankee (me) at his church to his folks, that he’d have to turn in his SOOS (Son Of the Old South) card. That sort of let me know I did good…real good.

Anyway, we both know that football season is around the corner. I’m sending you one of my takes on Buffalo Wings done on the little ol’ Brinkmann smoker. I did these for my in-laws and they practically inhaled them. Enjoy!

See you around the block.

All Best,

Big Joe

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I don’t usually have a dessert recipe on the front page but this one has to be shared.
This is an old taste of the south and the next time you do your big BBQ, make sure and serve this to top it all off…

Here is is folks

Janice’s Coconut Delight

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Here is the second installment of the Brinkmann Smoke and Grill.

…here is PART 1 in case you missed it.

If you ever thought about getting one of these, or passing it up and buying something else….you owe it to yourself to watch the results of this video.

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Hey folks!  One of the readers here at the BigIron sent me this recipe after I posted this video .   This is a great take-off on the pork….except with good ol’ yardbird. 


My thanks to Big Joe for this one


Whiskey River Chicken Breasts (with apologies to Willie Nelson)

(aka Whiskey Stuffed; Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts)



Four boneless chicken breasts (two boneless whole breasts sliced in half)

1 lb. bacon




1 Medium onion (fine chop)

6 ounces coarse chopped baby (porta)bella  aka (crimini) mushrooms

3-4 cloves garlic (minced)

¼ to ½ cup chopped black olives

¼ tsp. Ground cumin

1-2 Chipolte peppers (in adobo sauce)

2-3 Tablespoons brown sugar

3-4 Tablespoons Bourbon whiskey (Jim Beam/Knob Creek)

Olive oil


1.) In a heated medium skillet, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and cook onions until translucent. Add chopped mushrooms, olives and garlic. Salt and pepper to tasted and add cumin. Cook until all water from the mushrooms has evaporated. Cool mixture.


2.) Chop 1-2 chipolte peppers fine (depending on how hot you like it), add to the cooled mixture with 2-3 tablespoons of brown sugar and between 3 and four tablespoons of good bourbon whiskey. Mix thoroughly.


3.) Butterfly your chicken breasts and fill with the cooled stuffing mixture. Close the chicken breast , lightly brush with olive oil and lightly salt and pepper each breast, place on 4-5 strips of bacon and wrap the breast. Use toothpicks to keep bacon from coming away from the chicken. Wrap and refrigerate overnight.


4.) Heat grill to 275o, smoke chicken over some dry apple wood chips for about 45 minutes to 1 hour (or internal temp of 165o, turning every 15 minutes to evenly brown the bacon. Usually, when the bacon is browned, the chicken is ready (check temps just to be safe).


5.) Take off grill and rest for 5 – 10 minutes.  Serve with your favorite sides and a nice cool sweet tea.


6.) Enjoy!


Recipe by Big Joe

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Way back in the 1800’s, Cole had an idea.  He liked his pork smoked and he liked a big bunch of it.  Trouble was,  he was always eating meat and never had any vegetables.

Things can get kid of bound up if you follow my train of thought.

One day he went out to the patch and picked a cabbage and chopped it up.  He liked carrots too, so he took one of those and whittled some shreds and added it to the mix.  Cole then got some vinagar, and a bit of sugar and went to work.  All the chores had been done and it gave him time to perfect this mixure.

One day he got it right.  He topped some smoked meat with this concoction…….and he knew he was on to something.

He used to tell his friends, you must  have this on your pork if your gonna eat at my house.  It’s the law here and we do it this way

His friends agreed!

They used to jokingly call it Cole’s Law.

As time passed by, folk’s dropped the apostrophe and put all the words together and Cole’s Law became Coleslaw

Sometime, if your ever in the deep south, you might come up on folk’s that’s had this tradition passed down over generations from old Cole himself.  They will swear that this is the way you eat barbecue and it might behoove you to give a try. 

It’s not just coleslaw, it’s Cole’s Law……… and if this ain’t the truth……. it ought to be………..

God Bless,


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