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Hey folks.  Yes it has been awhile since I posted and I apologize for not keeping up.  To tell you the truth it has just been a madhouse getting Ruby used to a new home, school starting back and this darn midwest weather.

I am working on a copy of Maurice’s BBQ sauce and plan on posting it when I get it right.  The garden suffered over that past few weeks due to getting the BigIron re-shingled.  There was some damage to Lil’Iron’s beautiful peppers.  I am trying to use or dry as many as possible but I will end up losing a few.

On top of all this, I am in the middle of having reapirs done on my teeth.  I went for a checkup and found problems I didn’t even know I had.  Goes to show, nomatter how much you brush and floss trouble can pop-up and ruin a few weeks.  I plan to have “the tools of the trade” all fixed before Thanksgiving.  Who wants to crack a tooth on that weekend?

My Birthday is in a week or so and as I get older, things start to go south before you know it……..but the experience gained from age on the cooking front sure does make the food taste better.

My Mom sent me this Woolworth menu from the 50’s.  I thought you might find the prices pretty interesting too.  So here is a bit of nostalgia for you folks to ponder over…and if your old enough, you can remember these days with fondness.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  Have a safe back to school and remember it won’t be long till Fall…..and ain’t that when smoked food taste the best?

Have a great week,



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What a night.  We had some pretty strong storms that came through this area.  Thank God we didn’t have any major damage but the winds did wreak havoc.

We will not be doing a follow up video today because we will be pretty busy picking up branches and debris from the storm.  In contrast, the weather is beautiful for Mother’s day.

Winds are still high and would not be too great for audio anyway.  Now I know in the big scheme of things, doing a BBQ video is not high on the priority list…….but I wanted to explain non-the-less.

God Bless and Happy Mother’s day.

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I took a little time off from the grill to capture just a little bit of spring.  The weather has been cold and I’m surprised anything is blooming.

I wrote and recorded the music so I could do something a little original for you folks.

I hope you enjoy it.

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Well it finally is going to be a great weather day here in the mid-west.  Grass seed is down on the lawn and the lawn mower is getting it’s yearly check-up.

I have big smoker plans.  I have said over the last few months how much I am addicted to my Food Saver vaccum packer.  I have to feed the beast today.

We have a pork tenderloin and 2 chickens that are going to give their all today.  I am planning on doing a presentation to show you step by step.

Stay tuned………….and have a great weekend.

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Cold, rainy and windy.  Yes, that is the forecast for the first day of April here at the BigIron.  This weekend weather is supposed to get up in the mid 60’s but we’ll see.

I made Lil’ Iron a composter for her garden and the first precious starter bits have been added.  It works out very well for me because she will use it to grow peppers and herbs. 

Mmmm Mmmmm, what fresh herbs do for rubs and mops.

Yes it’s that time to clean and fill the oil bottles and spice racks. 
Make sure to have fresh ingredients and a cold place to keep those drinks. 

The patio beckons me like the whisper of a beautiful woman…… and as always, I shall answer her call. 

Oh yeah…….after making the composter, it gave me a thought on building a charcoal vault.

It could be pretty cool.  I’ll keep you posted.

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Yes folks, the 1st of March will be wonderful here at the Bigiron.  I have a long smoke in store for a friend of mine that helped me over the winter months.  Here at “the iron”, we still believe that you can barter once in while.  He is one hell of a contractor,  and I know how to smoke a pork shoulder. 

Everybody is happy.

I plan on posting a pic of my Weber gas grill that I bought.  To tell you the truth, it’s been so yucky that I have not even had the camera out to do anything.

Tonight I will be getting the shoulders ready.  Magic dust and mopping sauce will be the order of the day……and the day will start early.  It’s supposed to be in the 60’s on Saturday and I will be taking full advantage of it.

Around 3 a.m. the fun begins and 15-16 hours later………….Whoaaaaa Nellie!  It’s gonna be lip smackin’ good.

Have a wonderful Friday folks. Be sure and email me with your menu ideas for the weekend. 

I know all you grill commandos will be out in full force!

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Holy Cow!  How much more of this can I take ?  We are at 8 degrees right now with a wind chill of around 11 below….Not exactly grilling weather.  Now I know there are some hard core grillers out there..heck I am one too, but this winter has just been brutal.

I heard that we have averaged snow every 3 days since Thanksgiving.   That is a whole lot more then last year and less chances to do what I love….grilling and smoking. 

When I lived in the south I never really thought about the weather.  It was pretty much the same all the time.  HOT!   No ice, snow, bad roads or anything else that would keep you from smoking year round……    Don’t get me wrong here, I love firing up the smoker on cold days because I like the smell and the way the food taste on brisk cold days………but this?  

Winter has been a hard one in the Midwest this year.  WHEW! 

Lil’ Iron made the most gorgeous roast beef the other night, along with her signature Yorkshire puddings and sauteed green beans.  It took my mind off my troubles for a while……actually, eating the beef made me realize I had no troubles……in fact, I was damn lucky to be inside and enjoying such a spectacular meal.

Thank goodness for the wonderful female I have as my companion. 

By the way, I ended up selling the Char-Broil ( shown in the prior video) to a good friend and got myself a used Weber gasser.  The Weber was a great deal and I will be doing a video on it soon. 

Tonight I’m doing Portabella Mushrooms on the inside grill, served with a side of Alfredo noodles and a salad.  

Hopefully just a few more weeks and I can look forward to getting my rigs fired up and ready for the coming months of fun.

…you folks have a great week and I’ll see ya soon,


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