I don’t usually have a dessert recipe on the front page but this one has to be shared.
This is an old taste of the south and the next time you do your big BBQ, make sure and serve this to top it all off…

Here is is folks

Janice’s Coconut Delight


After many emails and more then a few return failures after answering said emails, I decided to address the baffle issue with a video.

Here ya go folks.

Hey folks. I wanted to share a letter I received today from Dave………

We had a graduation party for my daughter this past weekend. We expected around 70 people to come and we wanted to give them a good feast.

My wife bought a lot of other foods but I personally want to do something very special for my daughter and she loves food cooked on the smoker. I knew I had to do pork shoulders because of the volume of people that was coming.

Although I smoke a lot on the Chargriller, I’ve never smoked something that big and for so long. I was so worried it would come out not tasting like I wanted, What to do? The answer was easy, ask “BigIron for some help.

With the advice you gave me, it came out fantastic. I put a very basic rub on them Thursday afternoon and let them set in the fridge until noon on Friday. I started the smoker and got them on the grill at 2:00 pm and smoked them until I had an internal temp of 195 which was 10:00 Sat morning.

I did as you said, wrapped them in foil, wrapped with towel and put in a cooler with newspaper for 3 hours. At 1:00 I took them out of the cooler, removed the foil and they practically fell apart in my hands. They were so juicy and tender I was so proud.

I did manage to get a couple pictures of the pulled pork, but I wanted to make up a plate and do it up right but it was eaten before I could get any for myself.

Everybody asked me where I learned to how to make smoked shoulders. Again the answer was easy. “These were done BigIron Style,” the only way I will ever smoke pork shoulders.

Again thanks for helping me make this graduation party one to remember.



Mmmm….smoked shoulder

Pulling the pork for the party

Ahh….the results!


This is the nicest letter and I really appreciate you letting me know how it all turned out. Sometimes it’s easy to tell someone how to do something but we all know, sometimes it just don’t work out.

I am very proud that it all worked out just the way the video said it would.

Thank you for the great pick-me-up letter,

I am so excited.  The local butcher here in town is on the prowl for a 18lb beef clod. 

For those of you going huh?, it is also known as a beef shoulder.

The one I smoked a while back was great and it’s been over a year since I did one. 

On one end, it tastes like roast beef, and on the other side it tastes like steak.  How can you lose with a combination like that?

After we strap on the feedbag for the 4th, I will take the leftovers and vacuum pack’em and wait…….and wait……and then in the winter……. SHEPHERD’S PIE.

Oh my goodness…..Lil’Iron makes the best using this smoked clod.  It is kinda like the gift that keeps on giving all year.

I will have pics and a 4th of July video to boot.  You know this will be really fun because a lot of folks outside of Texas have never tasted it, or even know what it is.

If you want, do something different this 4th of July, celebrate with a Texas tradition.  Smoked Beef Clod.

Have a great weekend,


Hey Folk’s.  I’m taking the day off today.  We are still kinda cleaning up after all the storms and bracing for the next round this afternoon. 

If your looking for a great BBQ recipe, head on over to the Video section and pull up a how-to video…… I bet you’ll find something good !

All of us here at The BigIron wish all of you BBQ king’s a great and Happy Father’s day.


Ok! I know this aint barbecue doing’s but I had to share with you folks. 

I am a big second amendment guy and believe it’s better to be judged by 12 then carried by 6 if the situation warrants.

I got my new 9mm and shot it for the first time today. 

The second hole at the top right is actually 2 shots in the same place.   Not too shabby in my opinon. 

Remember, training and practice make all the difference.

Here are some shots from the field taken with my shooting buddies blackberry.

Man what a day on Saturday.  Now I know you folks are used to seeing some great food, but the little woman needs to get another car.  You know the rest.

Kansas City has construction over the entire area.  Let’s say at least a 100 mile radius. 

Did she find a car? NO! 

Does she know the one she wants?  YES!

Although I must say when we finally got home, I felt like I had spent a day at the smoker.  I was hot, sweaty and fuming from the aggravation of being stuck in traffic.

Folk’s sometime ask why I spend so much time at home cooking food….I was reminded this weekend.

Have a great afternoon.

Time for a Jim Beam Iced Tea,