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Man what a day on Saturday.  Now I know you folks are used to seeing some great food, but the little woman needs to get another car.  You know the rest.

Kansas City has construction over the entire area.  Let’s say at least a 100 mile radius. 

Did she find a car? NO! 

Does she know the one she wants?  YES!

Although I must say when we finally got home, I felt like I had spent a day at the smoker.  I was hot, sweaty and fuming from the aggravation of being stuck in traffic.

Folk’s sometime ask why I spend so much time at home cooking food….I was reminded this weekend.

Have a great afternoon.

Time for a Jim Beam Iced Tea,



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Well folks, who would have thought it would ever come to this.  As you all know ( I mean the ones who visit this site ) my Mother came down for the Thanksgiving holidays and had requested smoked ribs for dinner one night.    Being from Tennessee, this is her favorite kind of BBQ.

Last year I made a major mistake fixing ribs.  I picked up a bottle of apple nectar instead of apple juice and burned them with the added sugar.  I mean they were OK, but they were not BigIron ribs.  Anyway, I fixed these puppies up just perfect and the ribs were a big success.  I had a whole slab left over and my Mom asked if there was a way to get them back to Memphis.  I immediately reached for my “FoodSaver” and vacuum packed those puppies up and stuck them in the freezer.  I did the same for one single rib too.  ( I will tell you why later )

The frozen slab was wrapped in newspaper, then bagged.  At this point they were ready for transport on the plane.  Some of my Mother’s lifelong friends were picking her up at the airport and they were to feast on the ribs that night for dinner. 

So here is the scenario……..

The ribs were cooked in the Kansas City area (one of the top BBQ places )……then taken to Memphis (… rated by all the books and magazines as having the best BBQ in the nation )……then on top of all that, they were to be eaten by the family who’s cousins owned Beretta’s BBQ for years in Memphis.

Yeah! no pressure here.

To make sure the quality was what I expected , back at home the one rib I had separated was plunged into boiling water for a few moments to heat it up.  Remember with these food saver bags you can do this without ever having the inside of the bag touched by the water.   I took the bag out of the water and ripped it open and put the rib on a plate.

WOW!  It was just like I had taken it off the Char-griller.  Moist, smokey and tender.  Yup!  I never thought I would see this day.  Big Iron Ribs flown on a plane and served in the mecca of Barbecue.  The place I grew up , Memphis.

Ol’ Big Iron has not been in Memphis in over 20 years, but as of yesterday my ribs have!

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Well folks, it’s that time of year ain’t it?  

Here in the midwest we can look forward to strong storms, cool evenings, humidity, tornadoes and beautiful days.  Kinda of a total crap shoot when it comes to the weather.  

 In Big Iron country, we like to get out early and start the day with a good strong cup of coffee and a wheelbarrow full of “goods”.   The missus has planted and planted the last few weeks and the east side of the property is gonna be “purty”.  The little animals are out in full force.  There is no telling what you might see…..from ladybugs to foxes.    I have had the inclination to try and find an old truck.  I would like to find one around the year I was born……but any old truck would be nice.

I went looking the last couple of days……………………lots of women out doing their planting……….and selling trucks!

 “I love looking for old trucks here in the midwest”

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That’s right!  We have a ranch down the road a piece that sells Buffalo.   I tried some at a festival and I have to say, it ain’t all that bad.    Now, to be honest I think it would taste better on the grill or smoker but then again, what wouldn’t?

 The weather here in the midwest is just weird.  I guess we can thank global warming for the snowstorm that is supposed to hit.  They are predicting 1-3 inches of snow here tonight.  They say it will all be gone by Sunday.  I hope so because that’s the day I fire up “The Big Iron” and do some briskets.   The weekend is here and it is time for celebration. 

Summer is just around the corner, the freezer is full of quality meat, the store bins are full of wood and The Big Iron is………..


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This year the Big Iron will take a day off so an Easter Ham can be prepared. I will make sure to try and get pics for you folk’s.

I have to say our weather is very un-spring like here in the midwest. The wind is blowing at a pretty good clip and you know that’s bad for keeping temps up in a smoker.

UPDATE:  Oh boy!  Today I went to Sam’s and got a whole bunch of meat.

Two Briskets

A full pork Tenderloin

Ribs w/brisket bone removed


There will be many Happy Weeks ahead

Here is wishing you a Happy Easter from The Big Iron,God bless you all.

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Well folks, you just can’t go wrong with this stuff.  I have used it for over twenty years and I have never had any type of food turn out bad.  Give it a try if you have a notion………………..in the meantime, here are my great wing’s I just did on the grill.


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Well Folks, I made a mess. 
The pizza started out looking so good. First I set up my stone on the grill.

I made my Special Crusts…….

Then I prebaked for 3 min at 450

Next, I built my beauties. Oh my they were so pretty.

Then, I put them in to bake

but they never cooked all the way without the bottoms burning. I have done this so many times in the oven, but this left much to be desired.

I will try this again but right now it’s is a major blow to the BigIron Ego. Oh well, You live, Ya learn.

Happy Grilling

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