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This weekend I decided to do some things I had never tried.  I’m hoping this will give you folks the confidence to try anything on the grill.

I submit for your approval………………………

Here is the basic recipe I use for Pizza dough

4 cups King Authur or Hudson Creme High Gluten flour. (any HG will do)

3 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 tsp salt
7 grams or 4 oz bread yeast
1 /14 water at 115 degrees
1 Tbsp sugar

Mix yeast , sugar into water and let proof for 5 minutes

Put flour, Olive Oil and salt in bowl. I like to add dried basil, garlic, tyme, and a little basil oil

After the yeast proofs I start my kitchen aid on speed 2 and start putting in the yeast water.

I let it go until I have a nice dough that does not tear when I stretch it. I cover and put it in the fridge to slow rise for 24 hours.

OOOhhh Baby


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