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Well another year has gone by and I find myself another year older.  I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. 

Do I have a load of money?  No. 

Am I rich?  More than I could ever imagine.  This weekend will be great and full of my kind of fun. 

I wanted to share a few bad photos of me, and some great ones of Ruby.


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We are in the middle of shooting rest of the Brinkmann video that will include, proper seasoning before first use and smoking a great meal.

In the mean-time, I present a photo essay of Lil’ Iron’s Flowers that are growing around the BigIron.

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It has come to my attention, that there are not any good pictures of women at the grill.  C’MON!  You have to be kidding.

I know there are women out there that like to grill.  If you are one of them, grab that camera , give it to a freind and send your picture to the BigIron.  If I get at least 10 pictures, I will start a BBQ Babe of the Week starring YOU!

There are a few rules.

– No nudity – There are enough of those out there on the web.

– Show your face and hold those grill tools up with pride or show us a plate of your food.

Send your picture to mybbqpic@bigironbarbecue.com , include your name and state you live in.  I will be glad to give you a place to shine for a week.

OK, let’s see all those barbecue ladies……We know your out there!


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