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 I added some new tunes on the “Videos for grilling” page.  Check em out and turn it up. 

The weekend is almost here and guess what? 

YUP!  We are expecting more snow.   Well, at least I have a hot woman and cool pets to get me through.



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I wanted to take a moment and share with you a few photos of our kids.  Riley is getting to be a big puppy and the cats have accepted him as one of their own……………

Christmas will be a real hoot this year.

Holy Cow! Now that’s one goofy looking picture!

Riley, the ever faithful smoker and barbecue guard……

We are getting hunkered down for the annual Christmas party tomorrow here in BigIron Country.  All the folks whose homes are 70 years or older get together and have a little shin-dig.  Lil’ Iron and me have been working all day on tweaking some cranberry meatballs for the party.  Today was our 10 year wedding annivesary and of course we were in the kitchen doing what we love.  I cannot think of anything better then cooking with the most wonderful woman I have ever known.Later on I celebrated the day with 2 fingers of Knob Creek 9 year old whiskey and a cigar.  This is a small batch product distilled by Jim Beam.  This stuff is strictly for special occaisons and very close friends, you know the kind you would let go through your belongings after you passed away. 

Yes!  it’s that good……..pick yourself up a bottle if you have a mind to.  You won’t be sorry.

Have a great week and stay warm,,


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I thought I would put up a little video of Riley just being a puppy.   I fired up all my recording stuff and laid down some loops and riffs.  It sure was fun.


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