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I hope everyone’s having a great time….because it’s about to get better.    Here is a condensed version of the big loin I did last year.

This time, instead of a whiskey butter sauce, I concocted an apple based sauce that went well with this meat.  I don’t have a recipe because it was spur of the moment but don’t fear, you can make your own version that will be all yours…..

here’s how,

 core and finely chop one apple 

add brown sugar,

a couple tbsp ketchup,

a little pepper, a squirt of maple syrup, 

a shake of cayenne pepper, garlic pwder and onion powder. 

Heat over medium-low heat and simmer till reduced and thickened. 

At this point if you have a hand blender you can puree the apple pieces in the pot while it’s hot,  otherwise let cool and run through blender or food processor until it’s smooth.

Brush on the pork the last 15 minutes of cooking and enjoy all the kudos.


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Tangerine Orange Hickory Apple Smoked Chicken

Well folks here it is.  Half Chickens done up with a spicy citrus sauce.

This was so simple and now they’re all ready for the vacuum packer.

Give this one a try.  You won’t be sorry.

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Hey Folk’s.  Don’t forget to try this over the holidays. 

I know the normal St Patty’s meal is corned beef and cabbage with some boiled potatoes……..this is a very yummy meal but I have something YUMMIER!

Get some grilling and smoking time over St. Patty’s by making Pastrami from a Corned Beef.  

There are other recipes out there that take more hours and time than this one but I promise, you will love the final product. 

Here is a step-by-step video…..

Don’t forget to try Pull your Panties Down” Company Cake

Just wait till you taste that Rueben Sandwich the next day..

Enjoy, and have a safe and tasty St Patricks Day.

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Well folks’s.  Here we GO!

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I’m not doing an ad for this service but I do like to save money and get a good deal to boot.

Here’s what I found………………..

Now the last thing I want to do is sound preachy but let’s face it, not everybody has the cash for the biggest and baddest “whatever-insert- here”.   

I used to go in debt to buy stuff new because I wanted IT NEW!   Well I learned after many wasted bucks, I can buy good used stuff,  invest a little elbow grease and some love into it, and in return get the same result for very little money.

Yeah, it might not be new…..but it’s new to me.  I have a lot of fun fixing up these old grills so let somebody else take the depreciation on them for a change.

Lord knows I have had my share of throwing money down a dry hole and listening for the sound of sucking wind.

Now!  With the money I saved , I’m buying WINGS!

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I figured with the writers strike going on this would sound all big deal.

Hey folks,  and welcome back to a great year of “the good stuff”.  It is now 6:32 a.m. and the fire is going good.  The pork shoulder is out of the fridge and getting to room temp.  I used some hickory Wicker’s for the injection and slightly scored the fat cap.

I am looking to get this baby on by 8 o’clock and then go to “drool school” all day.  ( I say this because you smell the BBQ and drool till it’s done )

Crunchy cole slaw is on board along with some rings and tots….Lil’ Iron won’t eat onion rings because she wants to keep her breath fresh for kissin.   Little does she know that I won’t mind.  Heck, I love onions.

It’s a good thing I have an ample supply of Jim Beam , Knob Creek , a sexy women , and cute puppies and kittens.

It’s gonna be a fun day.

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Hey Folks. I thought to myself, I have never made a “Rib” video……….

Well, I wanted to show how easy it is to make top notch ribs.  Why go out when you can have these?

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