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Hello all you barbecue fanatics out there.  I would like to take a moment and tell you how much I have appreciated all the emails I have received since I retired this site.  I am divorced now, and after a few years of trying to keep it all together,  it was not to be.

I am in a new home now with my faithful dachshund; Ruby. I am still cooking as much as ever and have branched off into cheesecakes and desserts.  I still work everyday and answer emails everyday.

I do hope all of you are well and GOD is blessing you each and everyday.  Keep cooking and grilling and making folks happy with the results.

If there is a question you have, I will be happy to to answer anything that I can.

GOD Bless you,




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This weekend was Ruby’s first session around the smoker.  She seemed to take to the process in between playing with Riley and getting spooked by unfamiliar sounds.

Lil’ Iron roasted a Turkey this weekend and Ruby also got her first taste of Thanksgiving in July……Lord help us, we might have created a monster.  🙂

Weiner Dogs Love BBQ and roast Turkey


I hope everyone had a great weekend and have a safe and wonderful week,


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Hello barbecue guys and gals.  Here at the BigIron we have a new addition to the household. We went down to the animal shelter and got Riley a pal to play with.

Ruby, is a 1 1/2 year old weiner dog. She is getting used to the household and has already learned to walk under Riley and steal his ball out of his mouth. He seems to really get along with this little girl and believe me, there is no boredom here.

She will be a great company during the long smokes at the rig and something for Riley to play with that isn’t a cat.

There is no sign of jealousy between the dogs and they are getting along really good considering the size difference. Riley thinks she is a cat that plays like a dog, and Ruby thinks she is a Golden Retreiver.

T.V has met it’s match. This is REAL entertainment.

I hope you all have a great weekend and happy grilling,

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After Gypsy received her gifts, I  snapped a casual picture of her looking as if she was in prayer.  I thought what a beautiful thing to behold on Christmas day.

 I wanted to share this with you…..Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everybody.  I wanted to share with you our 11 month old Golden Retriever puppy enjoying his first snow, and his first Christmas.

Do you remember being this happy at the simplest things? The first time you saw snow? The first time for so many things…..

A golden puppy will sure make you remember all the joys of youth.  So turn up the speakers and take in the child like expressions of this wonderful breed……

the Golden retriever puppy.

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I wanted to take a moment and share with you a few photos of our kids.  Riley is getting to be a big puppy and the cats have accepted him as one of their own……………

Christmas will be a real hoot this year.

Holy Cow! Now that’s one goofy looking picture!

Riley, the ever faithful smoker and barbecue guard……

We are getting hunkered down for the annual Christmas party tomorrow here in BigIron Country.  All the folks whose homes are 70 years or older get together and have a little shin-dig.  Lil’ Iron and me have been working all day on tweaking some cranberry meatballs for the party.  Today was our 10 year wedding annivesary and of course we were in the kitchen doing what we love.  I cannot think of anything better then cooking with the most wonderful woman I have ever known.Later on I celebrated the day with 2 fingers of Knob Creek 9 year old whiskey and a cigar.  This is a small batch product distilled by Jim Beam.  This stuff is strictly for special occaisons and very close friends, you know the kind you would let go through your belongings after you passed away. 

Yes!  it’s that good……..pick yourself up a bottle if you have a mind to.  You won’t be sorry.

Have a great week and stay warm,,


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 Hey Folks, 

I wanted to touch base, and let you know that lil’ Iron is out of town this weekend for a bit and ..

well…I can’t do a video without my production company partner.   

I knew you would understand.

Tell ya what……pick out one of those good recipes on the “recipe” tab and give it a go…or, click on the video tab and hopefully get inspired.

I have to go take care of the puppy.  Nine month old Golden Retrievers will keep you busy while the better half is away…………..

 BigIron Rib Eating Champion in training……

Have a great weekend,

BigIron and Riley,

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