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Well Lil’ Iron wanted  a bathroom redo for Christmas.  I did not think it was much of a gift but as you guys know…….if the wife ain’t happy there is a good chance that…..oh well, you know the rest. 

The one thing I’m not is a carpenter but I wanted to undertake the task.  I mean, how hard can it be?

Well with a 120 year old house, out of square, not plumb and no where near level, I dove in with the zeal of a fat guy at an ice cream eating contest.

Is it perfect?  Heck no!  But as you can see it is a thousand times better and prettier than before. 

Lil’ Iron always knows the best presents.


Walls ripped out:

I got the pros to do the backer boards and mudding.

Almost finished:

I did the cutting , glueing and trim.

Of course you ALWAYS have to have a cat helping you………….

God bless you all and I hope your holidays are great!


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After Gypsy received her gifts, I  snapped a casual picture of her looking as if she was in prayer.  I thought what a beautiful thing to behold on Christmas day.

 I wanted to share this with you…..Merry Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everybody.  I wanted to share with you our 11 month old Golden Retriever puppy enjoying his first snow, and his first Christmas.

Do you remember being this happy at the simplest things? The first time you saw snow? The first time for so many things…..

A golden puppy will sure make you remember all the joys of youth.  So turn up the speakers and take in the child like expressions of this wonderful breed……

the Golden retriever puppy.

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